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BOUM BOUM, Knockout Taste Sensation

Boum Boum is a young and innovative brand, in tune with consumer trends. It is a wide range, consisting of 3 product lines in constantly enriched by the development of new recipes from all around the world.

Your cocktail designer, makes your senses travel by the alliance of new flavors, resulting from his recipes discovered in the four corners of the globe.

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Gamme 33 cL

En 2017, Boum Boum fait place à l’innovation avec les 3 recettes les plus célèbres parmi les jeunes.
The perfect format for individual consumption.

Gamme 70 cL

Trendy and user-friendly, Boum Boum ready-to-serve cocktails symbolize the festive spirit in all simplicity, revisiting the classics and offering new combinations of flavors.

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Range 1 L

Boum Boum propose également le format 1L pour ses plus celebres cocktails afin de reprendre à la demande des marchés.

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