Boum Boum Cocktails

Boum Boum is a young and innovative creation, which includes a wide range of cocktails, constantly enriched by new flavors.

Make your senses travel with new aromas coming from recipes discovered all around the world.

LOCO Drinks

Immerse yourself in the world of Ready-to-Drink with Loco.

Loco is the latest trend, which brings party and energy. It was made for the young people who wishes to enjoy the night. The perfect booster after a long day !

African Legend

African Legend is a characterful beer, shaped in the same way as the ambition of this tireless youth.

It is a product that wishes to gather its consumers thanks to the authenticity that it brings, to which they can identify themselves.

African Legend has a strong identity of Africa on the move, on the road towards emergence.


You feel the need to go Elsewhere ? To the Caribbeans ? To enjoy the taste of Rum and fruits ? Our Gommier brand specializes in rum-based products, ready-to-drink or to be mixed.